Thursday, 23 June 2011

23rd June 2011 – 10th day

“Today we got up very early because we are coming back to Spain. I was very excited because I was visiting Liverpool city.” (Raquel)
“Today is the last day. I got up very early and I had a shower like everyday. Then I ate cereals for breakfast like everyday, too. (Jesús)
“We had breakfast at eight o’clock, we took the suitcases and went on the bus.” (Andrea)
“We got up at 6:00, we had breakfast and tidy the rooms. After two and a half hours in a bus we arrived in Liverpool. We got up a tourist bus and visited The Cavern, a famous pub with many photos and posters of The Beatles. “ (Estefanía)
“We visited The Cavern and other important buildings. Finally we went to the airport and returned to Spain.” (Marcos)
“We saw The Cavern, the club where The Beatles played, and a museum about Africa.” (Pedro)
I feel so happy to return home but I know I needed England and my friends this summer.” (Alejandro)


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