Friday, 17 June 2011

17th June 2011 – 4th day

“Today, I got up at 7:15. We had breakfast. At 8:15 the bus didn’t arrive. So we walked to the bus stop” (Constanza)
“Today we have been to Dowdales School again. We have been in their classes, but in groups of two- three persons. I have been with Jesús in a class of Year 7. We’ve met a lot of boys and girls. The first three lessons were Maths, Religion and English.” (Pedro)
“Today was the best day in England because we went to all the classes in the school. We met al the children in the class and we have made new friends at school. We have studied all day and we
didn’t play sport. In the school I ate salad and fish and chips… Their school is fantastic” (Alejandro)
“ I went to school with the kids. They are 12 years old. They are so nice and lovely, and what is more important, the kids are very very intelligent. I’ve been in Maths, History and Language” (David)
“We went to different groups, we were in year seven. I went to Music, English and German” (Estefanía)
“We have been in Dowdales school all morning…The boys and girls are very funny. We had a good time with them. I didn’t understand some things but it was OK. The children are 12 years old. I met Lucy. Lucy is a good person. She helped me! (Raquel)
“The children were very nice. They are kind and very funny” (Laura)
“My lessons: English, 15 minutes break, Music, Science, 30 minutes for lunch, German and History”… Then we went to the hostel and prepared the presentations for next week” (Ángela)
“Later we arrived to the hostel and we had curry for dinner” (Andrea)
“In the evening we went to the hostel and we’ve worked with presentations” (María)

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