Saturday, 18 June 2011

18th June 2011 – 5th day

“Today I went to Lancaster and I loved this place. It’s so big and beautiful and the people are so lovely. I had lunch in Lancaster and I had a walk in the town with Javi and Alejandro” (David)
“We’ve visited Lancaster. A man, very kind, told us the history of the castle” (Raquel)
“We have seen Lancaster castle. A man has explained to us what happened in the castle in the old ages… Then we went for a walk…we saw a music shop where I bought two picks for guitar, then we began to look for a CD music shop. Marcos asked a girl and she said “Down this street and when you see a cross, you must turn left and right there you’ll see the shop, its name is HMV”,. We follow the directions and we found the shop. I bought three CDs: “Killers”, “The number of the beast” and “Highway to hell”.” (Pedro)
“In Lancaster we visited the castle. I didn’t understand anything of the history. Then we went shopping and I bought 3 T-shirts.” (Estefanía)
“We have visited the castle but I didn’t understand anything. The rest of the day we have been shopping. I’ve bought two T-shirts for my brothers, three bottles for my friends and trainers for me.” (Laura)
“We had a good day and I laughed all the time. Today I’m so happy because I’ve had a good time in Lancaster. When we visited the castle I was bored because the tour guide spoke very fast.” (Alejandro)
“All the girls went shopping and bought clothes. Then Aisha, Alicia and me went to MacDonald’s. There we ate chicken burger, coke, chips and Mcflurry” (Constanza)
 “At half past five we came back to the hostel. We had dinner. We have eaten hamburgers.” (María)
“Later we came back to the hostel and Andrea, Ángela, David and I walked and walked and we arrived late for dinner! Now, we are going to the supermarket to make a competition. Bye!” (Raquel)

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