Monday, 20 June 2011

20th June 2011 – 7th day

“This morning it wasn’t raining. We went to Blackpool. The weather was very good” (Noelia)

“Blackpool has a lot of shops and places to have fun. We took a tram and we saw the coastline of Blackpool. We’ve eaten a packed lunch and drank Coca-cola. Then we visited the museum Madame Tussauds. The visit was a fantastic experience! Later we went shopping to buy some things. I bought a T-shirt of the Liverpool football club for my brother. Today was a fantastic day!!” “ (Raquel)
“In Blackpool we visited the museum Madame Tussauds and the Blackpool tower. Then we went to the beach.” (Jesús)
“We saw the tower and we went to the wax museum. In the museum there were a lot of people of the television in England.” (Ángela)

“We went to Blackpool. We saw the tower and all its attraction parks. I bought a game for PS3 for my boyfriend.” (Laura)
“We went to the tower but it was closed, because it’s being repaired. We took a tram down the street and then the teachers gave us free time. I bought a football t-shirt, a video game, the five games of Comandos in one disk, and a DVD of Metallica.” (Pedro)
“In my free time I bought one T-shirt, two Teddy bears and souvenirs for my friends. Then we came back to the hostel, have dinner and practiced the presentations. (Estefanía)
“I enjoyed the free time in the shops of games and music” (Marcos)

“Today I bought a T-shirt of Manchester City, the best football team in England. I’m very happy with my shopping.” (Alejandro)
“Then we have come back home and we have had dinner. We have eaten rice with meat” (María)


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