Sunday, 19 June 2011

19th June 2011 – 6th day

“Today I got up at nine o’clock and at ten o’clock we prepared the presentations again. Then we prepared lunch (sandwiches with cheese, an apple, onebanana, chips and chocolate)” (Ángela)
“We got up and visited the lighthouse and when we return we stayed in the hostel for the afternoon” (Marcos)
“This morning it wasn’t raining. We went to the lighthouse in the mountain. The weather was very cold.” (Noelia)

“Today I got up late and I had a shower and I arrived late to the presentations” (Alejandro)
“Today we went to the lighthouse. It’s on the top of a hill. I love hiking, so I liked this experience. In the lighthouse the volunteers have explained to us that volunteers have taken care of the monument for a lot of years.” (Pedro)
“We went to the lighthouse here in Ulverston, but a boy has thrown a gum from the top of the lighthouse and the teachers have grounded us. We couldn’t leave the house. We have eaten a picnic for lunch.” (Laura)
“In the evening we’ve come back to the hostel and we’ve done homework. For dinner we’ve eaten Sunday roast” (María)
“In this moment I’m talking to my mum and brother. I need to tell them all that I’m learning here.” (Estefanía)

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