Tuesday, 14 June 2011

14th June 2011 - 1st day

“This morning we took the bus at half past seven. My friend Simón couldn’t take the plane in Málaga, because he hadn’t got a document” (Marcos)

“When we were flying, I was very nervous!” (Raquel)
“I felt very nervous but I know that the plane is safe” (David)
“The flight last 3 hours. Then, when we arrived to Lenon airport, the bus driver was waiting for us in the parking” (Pedro)
“When we arrived to Liverpool, it was very hot and I had got clothes for winter” (Ángela)
“Later we went to a hostel. The hostel is small but friendly” (Noelia)
“Then we ate in the dining room and went for a walk in the town” (Jesús)
The dinner (Laura)

“We drank tea and connected to the internet. At twelve o’clock we were sleeping” (Andrea)

“We took the plane and then the bus. We were tired and we went to bed early” (Alejandro)
 “This day was very exciting because I travelled for the first time by plane” (María)
“ I was very excited because I never travel with my friends, I’ve always travelled with my parents” (Constanza)
“I was tired but very happy of being here” (Estefanía)

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