Wednesday, 15 June 2011

15th June 2011 – 2nd day

“The morning began raining. I had orange juice and cereals for breakfast. Then we went to Dowdales School” (Noelia)
“In school. Paul Beach showed us around” (Estefanía
“We had three Spanish lessons with with children of ten-twelve years old. They  are lovely!” (Laura)
“We have helped in the Spanish class. I think the boys and girls are very intelligent. They know so much. After class we had lunch in the canteen” (Pedro)
“In the school everybody says “Hola” when we go to the classrooms” (David)
“We had lunch in the canteen. Then we visited a zoo and we also visited the ruins” (Jesús)
“We went to the zoo but the zoo was expensive and next Tuesday we are coming back” (David)
“In the afternoon we went to a park with the students of Dowdales school. We had a good time” (Raquel)
“We went to the hostel and had dinner: meatballs, tomato and basil sauce and spaghetti” (Andrea)
“At this moment I’m writing this diary and listening to music. I’m fine but I miss a lot of things of my city but I like this a lot” (Estefanía)

“This day was very exciting because I like the school, and it is very different from Miguel de Cervantes” (María)

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