Thursday, 16 June 2011

16th June 2011 – 3rd day

“Today we got up early to go to the Lake District. I ate cereals for breakfast and then took the bus to go to the forest. Then we had a walk in the forest and we went to the Lake District. There we saw the lake and ate fish and chips, it’s really good. Then we had free time” (Jesús)
“I got up at 8:00 because we went to visit the forest. Its name is Gizedale. The forest is enormous and we walked through it. My group got lost… Then we took the bus to go to the lake. There we saw swans and ducks.” (Constanza)

“Today we went to the forest. I only have one word:  WONDERFUL! It’s very green, very high, very large…very nice.” (Laura)
“In Bowness we’ve visited the museum of Beatrix Potter. In the museum there were all the tales that Beatrix Potter wrote” (Raquel)

“We had lunch in town. We’ve eaten fish and chips. The fish was oily”. (Noelia and Angela)

"I bought a Metallica CD, Master of Puppets. At 5:30 we came back to the hostel.” (Pedro)
“We came back to the hostel and had dinner. We had chicken burger with chips and Alejandro and me did the washing up”. (Estefanía)

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