Wednesday, 22 June 2011

22nd June 2011 – 9th day

This morning it was raining. The weather was very cold. We went to Dowdales school.” (Noelia)
Today we’ve spent the day at school again. My friends Costi, Aisha and Ángela did a flamenco show. They danced fantastic! (Raquel)
“My partners Costi, Aisha and Ángela danced flamenco. Later Alicia, Andrea and I participate in the Sevillanas. I think people really liked it” (Noelia)
“The girls danced flamenco and at twelve o’clock we had lunch.
“They danced three times and two journalists interviewed them.” (Pedro)
“Costi, Ángela and Aisha danced and there were photographers of a newspaper of Dalton.” (Estefanía)
“Then we had lunch and we said goodbye to the school and to Paul Beach.” (Estefanía)
“Then we visited Barrow. Barrow is a small town.” (Marcos)
“Then we visited Barrow-in-Furness. I saw the town Hall. It’s enormous. I went for a walk. Then we came back to the hostel, we had dinner and we said goodbye to Derek and Jocelyn.” (Jesús)

“For dinner we had a barbecue with Derek and Jocelyn and we wrote in their visitors’ book.” (Estefanía)

“In the evening we packed the suitcases because tomorrow we’ll go to Spain.” (Andrea)

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