Saturday, 28 May 2011


by Noelia

Liverpool is a city in northeast England, on the north side of the River Mersey. It is the second export port of UK. The city originally stood is in Lancashire. The Mersey River divides the city into two parts connected by a ferry which is accessed from the place called Pier Head. These places are dominated by two buildings of the early century and were the first buildings important that were made of reinforced concrete, they are known by the name of Liver Building. These buildings are formed of two birds, the liver birds that became the emblem of Liverpool in 1207, date on which the king John authorized the creation of the city. In the city centre there are the gardens of Saint John, closed in the east by the great St. George’s Hall. This building is in the shape of a Greek temple and was built in 1838-1854,it became one of the most beautiful classic style buildings of the country.

Liverpool is internationally famous for having been the birthplace of The Beatles and of the world famous football club Liverpool FC. In 2008 it became European Capital of Culture and in 2004, several areas along the downtown were declared Patrimony of the Humanity by the UNESCO.

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